A tote bag is generally a rectangle-shaped, large bag that doesn’t fasten.

It has two parallel handles that come up from the sides of the pouch. These styles of bags are often used as reusable shopping bags due to their strength in carrying items. They are also great for traveling or if you need to carry lots of items around with you such as water, books, and makeup. Tote means ‘Carry’ which is where this bag has got its name.

Originally these types of bags were made from cloth however nowadays you can find them in a variety of materials. You wouldn’t usually find any interior or exterior pockets but I do add them to my bags as I find them really useful. The handles are usually medium length so it is long enough to go over the shoulder to carry the weight of the items in the bag.

This style of bag would be perfect as a gift on so many occasions such as Mother’s day, a birthday, or Valentine’s day. 

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