We all have super busy lives, whether it’s with work or with children, but it is important to find time to make those sewing creations. Everyone has their own reason why they like to sew such as for fun or to escape and unwind.

I have pulled together my top tips which can hopefully help you find more time to sew,  let me know if you have more top tips! 


1) Create a dedicated sewing space

The first thing to do is to create a dedicated sewing space. I understand it can be difficult to allocate space, some might be lucky enough to have a whole room but you can make space in a small area too. To help, create a list of what are the essentials for you to fit in the space. I recommend:

  • Comfortable chair
  • Good lighting
  • Power source
  • Storage space
  • Worktop space

Within your dedicated space try and add something creative and inspiring to you, that way you will have a positive feeling from the get go.

2) Organise your sewing tools

After you have your dedicated sewing space its time to organise all those sewing bits and bobs.

By having them in a dedicated space means you will be able to find them quickly, giving you much more time to focus on sewing rather than searching for your tools. Doing this helps keep your sewing space a calm and relaxing space. 

It doesn’t need to be pretty as long as you know where everything is, that’s all that matters!

3) Remove sewing distractions 

You are busy sewing and all of a sudden you aren’t! You find yourself scrolling through Facebook, messaging a friend, or checking your emails. When you have dedicated time to sewing, take away those distractions. To start, this can be hard but try turning off your phone or disconnecting the wifi. Remove whatever it is you find yourself doing when you should be sewing. 

distractions for sewing

4) Plan your sewing day 

Before you sit down to sew, make a plan of what you want to achieve within that time frame. Be realistic, do not set yourself up to fail. You should have a full plan of your project from start to finish with how long you believe each section will take you.

Make sure you have all your notions and thread ahead of time, to help keep you on schedule. Plan for success!

When you have your plan and you know how long you have to sew, why not set an alarm. This way it stops you from clock watching or panicking, after all, you do not want to rush that masterpiece. Make sure you include time to reorganise and tidy your sewing space so next time you will be ready to start straight away.planning the sewing day

5) Invite a friend to sew or join a sewing group 

If you have a sewing friend, why not agree to a regular meet up, this could be weekly or monthly. That way it helps you dedicate some time to sewing and you won’t want to let your friend down!

The other option you can do is join a local group with other like-minded people. I run classes in Milton Keynes and we love having new people come and join us. We have people from all abilities all learning from each other. You can browse my workshops and book online.  

6) Don’t put the sewing machine away!

When you have finished all of your sewing, tidy up and organise but do not hide that sewing machine. Keep it out and be inspired to keep sewing.

I have found these tips really useful in my own sewing life, which has lead to me making so many different unique bags that are all for sale on my site.

What tips would you give if someone was struggling to find time to sew? I would love to hear them, add them in the comments below.

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  1. Brilliant blog, just like all your unique workshops. Always very sociable events which include teaching balanced with learning and inspiration. Then add in tea/coffee, biscuits, companionship and a lot of laughter. Great fun! Marianne Foster xx

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