Have you thought about starting to sew but don’t know where to start? Maybe you have the perfect bag in mind but unsure how to make it? If you want to start sewing, let’s talk about how to get started. 

Choose your project 

This is the fun bit, picking a sewing project. To start, give your self something simple to make with not too many sections. It is important to nail those basic skills to be able to create more complex designs. As they say, don’t run before you can walk! 

You will then need to find the right sewing pattern as this helps you get the right size for cutting the materials. 

Basic tool kit 

Now you know what you are making, you can start thinking about what tools you are going to need. Every sewer needs a basic kit and these can vary with what they have in them. I recommend you have the following as essentials:

  • Scissors & small snips  – one for paper and a separate one for fabric. My family know that they risk their life if they touch my scissors let alone use them! 
  • Pins and needles
  • Thread – it is always good to keep some black, white, grey, and cream as these go with most creations. Cheaper isn’t always good, I would recommend moon threads. 
  • Tape measure – at least 2, I always lose one! 
  • Bonus items that I can’t do without – A rotary cutter, a self-healing cutting mat and clips (like pegs) 

You can actually purchase basic sewing kits online and they are not that expensive. 

Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it 

Sewing machines can vary in price, from £15 all the way up to £100’s. It is a difficult decision on purchasing a machine, but having one will make you enjoy sewing much more and hopefully stick with it. You could buy an £80 – £90 machine, but many outgrow it quickly and get frustrated by the limitations. To start I would recommend purchasing a machine in about the £200 price range. This is because it will have functions that you would use and will have a better motor for coping with a heavier fabric. 

There are a range of brands you could use, I personally have a Janome, Brother, Elna & a Vintage singer, but have ladies with other makes just as good.  I would recommend that you have a computerised machine with an adjustable speed setting & stitch length. You could buy second hand but take someone with you who sews so they can try the machine out to make sure it’s okay. I would also recommend finding out why they are selling. 

If you need help using your sewing machine I would be happy to help you. This can be completed in a one to one workshop which we can do via video chat or come and join one of our workshop classes. At our workshop sessions, there are a range of people with different sewing abilities so please do come and join us. 

Sewing Machines

Purchase fabric and accessories 

So you know what you are going to make, you have your tool kit and the sewing machine is ready. Next is purchasing the fabric.  Sometimes its good to wait until you have your machine to know what fabrics work best with it. There are lots of online places you can buy fabric from or you can go into stores. Visiting the stores can be a lot of fun to see the variety of fabric designs. 

Get sewing

You are now ready to start sewing! Make sure you set yourself plenty of time for your project and complete a plan to get you there.  There are so many different things out there you can make from sewing, my favourite is obviously bags and you can view my collection for sale online. 

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  1. Such a great beginner’s guide! Really helped me know how to start and what I needed 🙂

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