It goes without saying that a girl loves a good bag, but with so many out there how do you choose the best one that she will love? I have put together my top handbag guide tips to help you:

1. What does she like?

Firstly, think about what colours she usually wears, this will give you a good indication of her favourite colour which you could purchase in the bag. Does she like patterns or rather plain ones?

If she wears colourful clothes she probably won’t want one that will clash, so pick something plain and visa versa.

You could think also about her general likes and dislikes?

 2. What does she need? 

Okay, so she might not NEED it in the sense you think but have a ponder!

Can she shut her bag when you are out? Does she have lots of a similar size bag?  She might benefit from a bigger bag now she has a selection to choose from.

Does she need a casual / smart going out bag or an everyday bag?

Then it goes back to what does she like. You might think she could do with a bigger bag but does she actually like them?

Are they easy to carry? What does she currently use? Does she want a bag to keep her accessories in or is it something bigger to fit her life into!

3. What style does she like?

Does she favour a long or short handle bag? Or do they have a zipped / magnetic clasp? Maybe they are left open?

4. Is she fussy on brand? 

There are so many brands out there. All I would say is do not buy a fake! They are easy to tell.

5. Maybe Handmade? 

Hand made bags are great as she knows she will be getting one made with love & attention to detail. All of my bags are unique and come with an option to have a make up bag & mirror made to match.

Maybe you would like to have one made especially for her, if so visit my bespoke bag and let’s make it just right together.

After reading this handbag guide and are still unsure then contact me here or maybe buy a gift voucher here then she can choose the perfect one for herself.

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