Who’s behind Bags By Carmen?

First of all I hate writing especially about myself but I think it’s important to showcase the love and care that goes into each of my bags. I first started sewing at an early age, I think as young as 5 when I completed my first work of art (or a 5-year-olds version of art!). Since then I haven’t stopped sewing, which is why I have set up my Bags By Carmen business.

I know a woman can never have too many bags but I have made far too many to keep (well that’s what the husband says…) so it’s time for them all to find a loving home.

Over the years I have been collecting fabric which comes in perfect for special projects and some materials have come as far as Malaysia! I just can’t resist a good bit of fabric, you could say I’m a fabricoholic. I have a range of styles, patterns, and materials, much of it is now Retro or Vintage.

My main creations are bags such as makeup bags, laptop bags, rucksacks, to be honest, the list goes on. Where I can I try to use recycled materials, for example, old jeans or dresses. All my bags are original, unique and one of a kind. When I take something old and create something new, I never know what the result will be sometimes even I am surprised!

making a wedding dress - fabric shops london
Shoulder Bag – Blue Feather
Bags by Carmen 2020 logo

What Customers Say

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Hobo Bag Red

‘My friend loved her rucksack that I bought from you. Thank you’


‘So different and easy to wear. Lots of comments. Thank you’

Shoulder Bag – Blue Feather

‘Such inspiring creations.’