Do you think you know sewing? Well have a go at my mini quiz and see how many you know!

Below are the terms with 3 options, grab a pen and paper and note down your answers.

Anchoring Stitch:

  • Stitching with string
  • Embroidery stitch
  • Stitch backwards to fix stitches


  • Embroidery stitch
  • Tangle on bobbin side of fabric from incorrect tension
  • gather stitch


  • gathers materials for project
  • small tunnel to put drawstring or elastic through
  • shopping for fabric

Double Needle

  • have drunk too much and can’t see correctly
  • two needles joined together to do parallel stitching
  • using two different size needles

Edge stitch

  • when you do wonky stitching
  • a tacking stitch
  • also known as top stitching


  • embroidery stitch
  • the art of undoing stitching
  • a kind of trim


  • a triangular piece of fabric inserted to add movement and fulness
  • a cup you use whilst sewing
  • bad cough


  • the finished edge of a garment
  • a type of stitch
  • part of you sewing machine


  • when you are matching two fabrics
  • when you put a face on your fabric
  • term for adding something to your fabric to give stability

Jewellers Knot

  • a knotted up necklace
  • adding bead work to fabric
  • a simple knot which is pulled down to the base of the tread

Ladder stitch

  • a stitch used to join fabrics or close openings
  • embroidery stitch
  • stitching together net curtain fabric

Match point 

  • when you finish a project the same time as your friend
  • matching fabric and thread
  • a point marked on pieces of fabric so they can be matched up


  • small accessories used in sewing
  • sewing ideas
  • written instructions for patterns


  • when your pattern is too big
  • top layer of fabric is different to one underneath.
  • lots of layers of fabric


  • something you keep needles in
  • sewing a pleat into a shirt
  • double layer of fabric that holds buttons & buttonholes


  • cutting up pieces of fabric then stitching together
  • making a cover for a duvet / quilt
  • working with feathers


  • a mess of tangled treads
  • a pleat or frill of fabric
  • gathering fabric with elastic

Stitch in the ditch

  • when sewing outside
  • embroidery stitch
  • term used for sewing within a seam


  • large ugly stitches
  • temporary stitches
  • when you glue down your seam


  • stitching close to edge of facing to stop it rolling
  • stitching underneath a row of topstitching
  • when your bobbin tension is wrong

Vertical Bobbin

  • refers to how the bobbin sits in your machine
  • when you feel dizzy
  • when your bobbin is the wrong one for your machine


  • the dog in your sewing room
  • width of fabric
  • wipe off feeddogs a reminder to check your machine is clean


  • how big your garden is
  • width of fabric
  • how much fabric you need for a pattern


  • type of stitch
  • type of trim used
  • crooked stitch

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